As natural disasters have become more common and intense lately, infrastructure is being damaged and new solutions are required. It is important to use existing communication tools in place. Satellite technology has many useful uses for minimizing the impact felt from these devastating events.


In order to establish communication with different regions in the same geography in the event of a disaster, uninterrupted communication to the Internet via satellite antennas, data transfer through satellite technologies, which are the common areas of use of all communication tools, can be provided from anywhere and uninterrupted technology transfer.


A continuous and uninterrupted access to the broadband internet system can be provided from anywhere in the world with satellite antennas. Satellite antennas are not just a means of watching TV.


In many parts of the world, for example in New York, people may prefer satellite internet. In 2010, there were 450 thousand satellite internet preferences in this city alone. Or, dish antennas are used to access the internet in places where cable and fiber still cannot go. Cable and fiber connection is not required to access the internet network accessed by dish antennas. Satellite internet can be preferred as an alternative to cable and fiber for individual use.


Satellite internet technology has the power to receive and send important data by simply providing energy without any hindrance when a disaster occurs.


Satellites sit securely above the earth’s atmosphere and provide communication to address wide geographical locations, there will be no obstacle in front of them to interrupt communication.


When broadband internet is reached, it will be possible to communicate information with each other in data centers, which are the common meeting place of all networks.


Instead of damaging the underground cables in an earthquake, tsunami, flood or hurricane and waiting for their repair process, emergency satellite systems will provide communication immediately.


Broadband satellite internet systems are VSAT applications. With the right planning and application, many lives and property can be saved in an emergency by communicating.


In particular, VSAT satellite systems, which are easily installed and commissioned in the event of an earthquake, will immediately transmit the status of the region or, if there is a fire, the images or the degree of coldness to the relevant people.


VSAT KA-KU band satellite internet systems allow teams to establish emergency communications even when terrestrial forms of communication are down. In addition, they are very suitable technologies for continuous communication in mining, farm or sea areas where there is only electricity and no infrastructure in the normal period.


The satellite communication system consists of two main elements, the ground station and the satellites in space. The communication between them is provided by the so-called satellite dish antennas.


The biggest advantage of satellite communication systems is that they provide simultaneous communication to many users within the global coverage area in locations where there is no terrestrial infrastructure, and they become almost the only communication source in natural disasters.


All of this demonstrates that satellite technology is a vital component of disaster relief efforts today and in the future.


Various organizations have been formed for the commissioning of this important system in the event of a disaster. Manpower and knowledgeable manpower are needed not only for the existence of the system, but also for its activation in the event of a disaster.


The address and contact information of the people who are given pre-disaster training are collected in one center or even in several centers, and this information is also available for use by international aid organizations.


In our region, TUYAD carries out these training activities and has directed previously trained VSAT installers to the region in the last earthquake. Now, by training more experts, many people who will put the systems into operation in a disaster that may occur all over Turkey have already started to be registered in the system.


NASA launched the Earth Science Disasters Program in 2006 to use its key space-based assets to save lives and property in times of crisis. They analyzed the information from his satellites.


As you can see, it is possible to monitor and study a wide variety of disasters via satellites. Governments and private companies around the world are using technology to provide targeted, efficient assistance to disaster areas. As the consequences of climate change increase, satellites, along with data-collecting analytics software, will become more effective at predicting natural events and subsequent relief efforts.


TUYAD has been a trusted name in the satellite industry for 23 years. Our non-profit organization is an association where very important brands of our country come together and organizations that have a voice in various countries of the world are members.


During a disaster, of course, experts are needed to work on the rescue of the wrecked. Health teams and fire extinguishers are also needed. Security forces are also needed. Satellite technology experts have also been included in these needs. And we will continue to support our existence in this field voluntarily.




Dear representative of our industry,

We are taking our place with our TUYAD Stand at the IBC Fair, which will take place on September 9 – 12, 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

As the leading organization in Content, Media, Entertainment and Technology, IBC is an important channel for the promotion of our industry.

The special issue of our ‘Digitalyasam’ magazine will be distributed in the field of magazines at the fair.

You can introduce your products and services to the participants at the booth of our TUYAD Association.

We are at the IBC stand 8.A46.


“The position gap in the sector is diversifying and the gap is growing. Recruitment has already begun.”


Software Engineer…

Information Security Analyst…

Web Developer…

Data Scientist….

Cloud Expert…

Software Developer…



Our call to young people is to study in engineering.


The direction of our country and the world is clear. Telecommunication, communication and information technologies are the guarantee of our future. I invite our young people with innovative ideas to our sector in order to realize their dreams.


Don’t just be part of a business plan. If you can, establish your own business that you will direct with your ideas. We will always be your supporter.


Everything starts with an idea. We need new ideas for an invention that will make something easier, faster and more economical. These ideas will become reality with software. Start off with brand new and very possible ideas, such as how a robot vacuum can turn into a robot and a life partner in every home.


Our industry needs ten thousand software engineers today, and a hundred thousand software engineers ten years from now. The chances of young people who will work in all positions in informatics and are capable of solving complex problems are very high.


Especially software developers, with the excellent advantage of engineering, make all processes from the simplest to the most complex better and more economical. Every innovation introduced becomes a function of the whole world without recognizing the borders. Every moment of life has been informatics and technology and will continue to do so. You can see this effect even when you look around.


When you start to understand all the job positions that seem complicated to you now, you will realize that it is not so complicated. All innovations always start with needs-oriented dreams by product developers. Not inventing, just developing; to renew the invention. Trust yourself and start your dreams of improving your current social area with all the smart products you already have at hand. Set out from here and see where you will reach.


The world’s top software developers started just by playing games and had no school careers. With the innovation, they offer code components that work in all countries to the convenience of people.


Even hackers made their work legal and settled in anti-hacker positions. There are great business opportunities in our industry. Each of our companies has a software developer position gap and this gap is growing every day.


If you’re still working somewhere and you’re feeling burnt out, your age and education don’t matter. You can only work on this subject if you have the ability.


Even this has been researched. In America, 3% of self-employed people quit their current job and became a software developer. It is predicted that this ratio will continue to increase.


Being a software engineer is a great feeling in many ways, especially during this period. Not only in Turkey, but all over the world, there are many positions that are currently short of workers. You can work from home without changing country. My advice is to do your own business or continue to work in corporate companies where you can be the happiest. Recently, only in our sector, job opportunities are offered to our engineer candidates with reservations from their student years. Even this is very valuable in terms of motivation.


Of course, we also have software developers who changed jobs a lot with complaints from industry employees. The first reason is salary. Foreign exchange profitable business offers are attractive due to the fact that the current currency is melting at any time. The second is the inability to renew the technical infrastructure and the increase in difficulties, the absence of innovative ideas, monotony and most importantly the option to work remotely.


The second most needed area will be information analysts. Processing the data, determining the need, taking precautions. All will be determined by analysts. If there is no analyst, the data has no value. This job, which our companies have begun to realize, will soon become an indispensable position. Every company has to get consultancy on this issue. Otherwise, the need cannot be met and the result of the supply-demand multiplier will not be known.


We must convince our youth to notice innovations in the sector as soon as possible and how valuable their ideas are. NGOs and all public institutions should be the locomotive of the sector in this direction. We hope that the training of IT workers, whose shortage is increasing day by day, will be completed by being supported by schools and vocational trainers.


Our association TUYAD will be happy to give full support to all software developers and candidates who work, have ideas and are motivated. You can contact us to start your own business or to work in a company. Your job is ready. Our experts are waiting for you to help you.


Hayrettin ÖZAYDIN

Chairman of the Board of TUYAD

TUYAD is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded by sector companies. It was established in 2001 in Istanbul by TV platforms, satellite receiver manufacturers, infrastructure material producers and content provider companies with the aim of increasing the total quality in the sector and making the fair competition environment sustainable.


We have world-renowned companies/brands that produce the technology, products and equipment required for satellite TV, Internet, content and service provision.

TUYAD opinions and reports are given importance in the circulars and practices prepared by the regulatory institutions.


We are working in order for our country to reach the pace of development of telecommunication and to get the share it deserves. As TUYAD management and corporate members, we plan and implement the works together with the sector in order to set the right targets for the development of the sector. Our main goal is to present the most economical and applicable systems to the society in the most practical way. Our most important balance is to be able to live in a fair and sustainable competitive environment of the total economy that emerged as a result of the meeting of our electronics industry with content.


Being aware of not only our working life but also our social responsibilities, we implement at least one project every year. In addition, we continue our routine seminars in order to protect the rights of our companies that provide sector service services, to provide regular training and to provide quality service to the end consumer.


We are in communication and interaction with IT NGOs, universities, public institutions, press and international sector representatives. We take part in nearly 40 fairs and conferences all over the world and represent the industry.


As TUYAD, trying to be the common voice of such an important industry, we are happy to represent our industry.

There are four types of TV viewing options: terrestrial, satellite, cable and internet. With the widespread and accessible internet, OTT, which is the most comfortable option, has started to be preferred more.


OTT (Over The Top) is defined as watching the media and all kinds of content over the internet without cable and antenna. Your television should be compatible with this and it should be compatible for a long time. The most known operating system in this regard and the tool that allows you to watch the broadcasts on your television without any problems is the Android system. Google developed this system and offered it to our service, but it is not very innocent, in fact, it contains a lot of commercial income.


Its rival, IOS, works more widely on mobile. In other words, while IOS is preferred more for the display on mobile phones, Android is preferred for televisions. When buying a television, it is necessary to research well whether the software hidden in it is licensed. We must make sure that a television produced by a company that has a contract with Google is purchased. Otherwise, future software updates will make your broadcasts unwatchable and it will be possible for your television to become idle.


Internet television has made itself more prominent with the increase in platforms. There are movies and serials shot only for broadcasting on the internet. Now there are movies that we can watch whenever we want and leave it unfinished and continue later. This comfort is only possible with internet TV.


Now we will have much faster internet with fiber internet and 5G, whose preparations have been completed in mobile.


The internet, which is still at the top of TV viewing options, is also the leader in platform subscriptions. This situation does not change in our country and all over the world.


It is expected that all platforms will be broadcasting on the internet in the next decade.


Even in the worst geographical situation, 5G will be at least 100 times faster than the internet speed we use now. Thus, we will have the opportunity to watch 4K, 8K and even 16K images in a very short time. So, high speed internet will start a revolution in video streaming quality.


The giants of the media and the most well-known movie companies will find their place on internet TV. We can see the closest examples to this with the applications that appear as shortcuts on our smart televisions.


We will not only get used to watching TV, but also to smart solutions at home with simultaneous smart TV. TV will become the operating system of the house. With the voice command Google Assistant, all electronic and electrical systems will become manageable. If you don’t want to miss this, you should definitely search for a Google license when buying a smart TV. It is not difficult to research this. The license of the brand can be queried from Google. For an easier way, you can ask TUYAD.


Viewer habits and TV viewing ratings can also be reported very easily from here. Of course, national channels are a service that governments all over the world have the society watch as a social project. While subscription is required for other encrypted broadcasts and premium content, FREE IP TV broadcasts are offered to you free of charge and with the simple application of your TV manufacturer.


When we say OTT platforms, don’t just think of internationally known ones. Each country’s own broadcast bundles carry their service to the internet over time and are primarily preferred here. This is what happened in Turkey. Although Netflix had an overwhelming subscriber dominance at first, local Blu TV soon became the leader.


OTT is the leader in many aspects such as broadcast quality, content placement and management.


By 2022 and beyond, the content industry will be faster and higher quality. Platforms that fail to do this are doomed to perish and remain far behind.


OTT will mean the most economical use for the internet, which offers not only images but simultaneously music, smart data collection and smart solutions.



Hayrettin Özaydın

Media Distillery offers services that improve the audience experience and increase audience participation by providing fast access to content and ad optimization for TV platforms with artificial intelligence technology.


Media Distillery is an acknowledged leader in AI-driven video analysis solutions for the worldwide entertainment Industry. They help TV-Operators, IPTV-operators, cable-operators, OTT-platforms and broadcasters create enhanced viewing experiences by enabling faster access to relevant content and optimized advertising that boosts viewer engagement.


Media Distillery is an acknowledged leader in AI-driven video analysis solutions for the worldwide entertainment Industry. We help TV-Operators, IPTV-operators, cable-operators, OTT-platforms and broadcasters create enhanced viewing experiences by enabling faster access to relevant content and optimized advertising that boosts viewer engagement


Media Distillery, represented by Mr. Eylem Kehribar Demir in our country and in the MENA region, will continue to work on our common platform as a member of our TUYAD association.


You can find detailed information about the company on their website


We wish them success in their work in our country and in our region.


We fully believe that the work to be carried out simultaneously with TUYAD corporate members will add value to our industry.



Founded in 2005, CTECH operates in the fields of Defense, Aerospace, Broadcasting, Communications, Cyber Security and Modeling-Simulation. It has been working as a subsidiary of Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TUSAŞ) since 2018.


CTECH has unique solutions developed in the field of satellite communication, especially air platforms.


CTECH is one of the development partners of the TURKSAT T6 project, which was developed entirely nationally. It also realized the first export of our country within the scope of space qualified satellite communication products.


It has the NATIONAL Secret and NATO Secret Facility Security Certificate, Production Permission Certificate and AS9100D – IS0-9001:2021 – ISO27001 Management System Certificates of the Ministry of National Defense. Internationally accepted standards/approaches such as ECSS, CMMI Level-3, IEEE-12207, IEEE-15288 and MlL-STD-973, ANSI7EIA 649 are taken into account in the studies.


CTECH’s head office; It is located in the Teknopark Istanbul Campus in Kurtköy, Istanbul. It has a total of 4000 m2 R&D and production infrastructure, including the Ankara Bilkent Cyberpark Campus branch.


You can find all the detailed information of the company on the website We wish them success in their work in our country and in our region. We fully believe that the work to be carried out simultaneously with TUYAD corporate members will add value to our industry.





TUYAD Assocation made a meeting with QIGA Qatar Independent Global Association and The State Committee for Investment and State Property Management of the Republic of Tajikistan.


TUYAD Management and Members, Mr. Khurshed Mirzo – First Deputy Chairman of the State Committee on Investments and State Property Management, Representatives of Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Tajikistan, Mr. Sohibzoda Khisrav Sohib, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Tajikistan in the States of Qatar, Mr. Saleh Abdulla S Jawas – President of QIGA, Board Members of QIGA  attended to the meeting.


The attendants made presentation and they presented opinions on the bilateral relations between Turkey, Qatar, and Tajikistan and discussed long-term cooperation.


For Contact: Chairman of TUYAD

Hayrettin Özaydın