Permanent Decarbonization and Creating Awareness in the Electronics Industry

Our country has a statistic that can manufacture high-capacity products, considering its geographical location, economic policies and intensive production capability. This means that a large economy turns in favor of Turkey. At the same time, this gigantic production economy, which poses a great threat, will bring along great problems in the future if awareness is not raised. In order to create conscious management, TUYAD has started to work on erasable carbon footprint awareness before taking the necessary measures.

Our aim is to revise our production capacities to not only protect nature but also make it sustainable. In addition, it will be to increase our success by eliminating the problems that may be experienced in our exports from the beginning and to continue on our way.

The fact that access to energy is getting harder day by day is noticeable for all humanity and simultaneously for our industry. It is very important and achievable that energy is renewable, even that we produce our own energy. Before we first come to our industry, we must demonstrate energy efficiency in our home by experiencing it in detail. The first example is not leaving the tap on while brushing our teeth. Because not only water is wasted, but also all mechanical and electrical devices continue to work (booster, water pump, tank, etc.). So by starting to create awareness from our homes, we need to teach employees that it’s not just a monetary cycle. We must make people realize the fact that the end of the world will unfortunately be caused by people who are constantly multiplying and consuming without taking care of nature.

The increase in our production costs with ever-changing prices in our production industry is an indication that energy is difficult to obtain and is very valuable. Our government has incentives in this regard. However, before the incentives, the economy in the industry can be seen with the consumption status of the machines used and measures can be taken accordingly.

In the telecommunications industry and electronics industries, when sustainability is implemented only with government penalties and obligations, it will definitely try to find escape points. Instead, green investment initiatives will move companies and the country forward.

After the sustainable practices that started at home, it will be the turn of the companies. We have started to observe the conscious choices about ‘working only for them’ and purchasing from companies that prioritize this, especially in EU countries. Going forward, this practice will become traditional. The survival of ambitious manufacturers who want to work for many years may depend on having an erasable carbon footprint.

Environmentalism often involves legal bureaucracy and many practices that seem unnecessary. However, if you do what suits you best, this awareness will set an example and spread to your partners and your entire industry.

It should not be forgotten that the environmentalist movement will benefit not only the society but also you with energy saving in the first place. You will get rid of this big burden that increases the prices and increases your costs day by day.

We should always prefer plastic raw materials, electronic components, cards and every item used, which can be easily dissolved in nature and produced with less energy. After doing this, we must prove and document it and declare that the products we offer for sale have “clean energy”. This application will be an example to others and will be the reason for your preference.

You should invest more in your industry and take steps for “Smart Production”. Sustainable electronics manufacturing offers many opportunities to be more efficient, reduce waste and increase cost effectiveness. Just looking at the examples would suffice. “GREEN”, which is the most important issue today, is not just a visual aspiration. It is a necessary and indispensable element for the continuation of life.

TUYAD supports sustainable production on every platform. Our association has sent the necessary reports to the Ministry of Environment especially to encourage the reuse of waste electronic materials and to enact a law on this issue.

Creating Awarenes…

There are millions of home electronics products manufactured in Turkey. In order to reduce the carbon footprint of the electronics industry, we need to increase the awareness of our companies, especially those who want to give up conventional methods, avoiding investments in this regard.

This saving is no longer arbitrary. Governments and consumers around the world are now taking this issue seriously. They prefer brands that are aware of their responsibilities, work on this issue, and exhibit their work in mind.

We provide free on-site training to our companies that aim to make electronics production more sustainable. TUYAD and its collaborative experts publish environmental reports on this subject. We analyze how our industry implements many new production technologies and we work to encourage them.

Our carbon footprint has a negative impact on the environment in many ways: humans are the main cause of climate change. We cause urban air pollution, cause toxic acid rain, increase the acidification of the seas, and ultimately inherit an uninhabitable world for our children.

Take a step for awareness right now and apply the first savings in the easiest way.

“Remember, if we are not stingy when using nature, we will be wasteful to consume the world.”

Hayrettin Özaydın