TUYAD Assocation made a meeting with QIGA Qatar Independent Global Association and The State Committee for Investment and State Property Management of the Republic of Tajikistan.


TUYAD Management and Members, Mr. Khurshed Mirzo – First Deputy Chairman of the State Committee on Investments and State Property Management, Representatives of Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Tajikistan, Mr. Sohibzoda Khisrav Sohib, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Tajikistan in the States of Qatar, Mr. Saleh Abdulla S Jawas – President of QIGA, Board Members of QIGA  attended to the meeting.


The attendants made presentation and they presented opinions on the bilateral relations between Turkey, Qatar, and Tajikistan and discussed long-term cooperation.


For Contact: Chairman of TUYAD

Hayrettin Özaydın




TV industry and trade monitoring report

The new issue of Digital Life Magazine has been published. Our magazine, which has published its 20th issue, includes the subject of 5A satellite. You can click the link below to read the magazine online.



Terrorism or terrorism is the pressure, intimidation and use of all means against target groups determined to achieve economic goals.


Almost all of the trade sites in our country have foreign partnerships or ownership and unfortunately, there is a trade sanction terror by applying high commissions to our companies.


In the e-commerce market, uncontrolled store commission fees and additional expense charges are applied without question and arbitrarily.


The ever-increasing cost rates of the competitive market and e-commerce shopping, which is especially preferred during the pandemic period, make it difficult for the shopkeepers.


It is not easy for companies trying to sell products to create a pricing strategy for their products. When many high-rated costs overlap, the price offered to the end consumer becomes very high. As a result, the seller uses different ways to eliminate its cost. These ways; sometimes it is to show its products in features that it does not have or to escape from various tax factors. Otherwise, it is almost impossible to put forward a competitive price.


Although rival companies or brands have difficulty in understanding these very competitive prices, they are obliged to sell with these prices. The result is clear; Our companies are damaged and shut down. However, e-commerce sites continue to offer sales services with new partners.


Although the e commerce market works, it may not work for our companies looking for an honest and worthwhile profit margin.


If there are no merchants who can truly understand the just competition rules in the country where e-commerce sites exist, this situation should be very well controlled by the relevant institutions of the state and the profit margin of the sites should not exceed certain rates.


Unfortunately, especially the companies that exist in the Middle East and this nearby geography are not honest and sensitive to their competitors. With only sales-oriented thinking, many of our companies are in danger of disappearing in e-commerce. These channels, where our sellers cannot create just competition, must be urgently regulated by the state.


In e-commerce, there is no fixed commission fee, no additional cost restrictions to be added to the pricing structure, no fee scale to be added to the cargo, no refund and penal sanction limit, no fixed rate deduction for every transaction, no problem of who will pay the tax on the commission invoice. The only thing that exists is the sanctions that will allow the e-commerce site to make more profit every day.


Are you against it? No problem. It is easy to find a vendor anyway!


In the past, the biggest nightmare of the sellers were moneylenders and they received a monthly interest rate of 5%. Now, e-commerce sites have become the worries of the merchants. The most innocent gets a 20% commission fee.


Although some e-commerce sites may seem free at first, they now receive commissions from both the buyer and the seller. This creates unfair gains in the taxation of bilateral commissions and commissions.


Below you can see a table comparing commission rates and costs of some of the major ecommerce markets.


E-commerce site Minimum total commission rates
N11 %22
Hepsi Burada %22
Gitti Gidiyor %22
Trendyol %25
PTT % 20


Some e-commerce sites cut a total of 45% from the sale of electronic devices and accessories. This ratio occurs in the sum of different transactions. Your chance to appeal is already disappearing with the contracts you initially signed.


Apart from these commission rates, we have to constantly pay OPPORTUNITY, CORPORATE and ADVERTISEMENT fees, and sales have to be made over the specified shipping company and fee.


E-commerce marketplaces have set commission rates for product sales in different categories and reflect these commission rates to companies on sales including VAT. Of course, the tax liabilities of vendors increase here.


After all these negativities, the small amount of profit left to the seller will be spent on other taxes, personnel expenses and other expenses.


While these factors left the tradesmen in a difficult situation, with the law numbered 7256, which was approved at the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly and approved by the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and published in the Official Gazette, certain rates of tax exemption are applied to individuals and companies engaged in e-commerce as of January 1, 2021. These laws are the elements that will destroy the tradesmen.


The fact that sites such as Amazon, Ebay, Airbnb and Alibaba, which have been famous abroad, have started selling in our country due to these free trade elements.


Our companies that enthusiastically enter e-commerce need to think carefully about the advantages and disadvantages and how they can be applied to their current business goals. While e-commerce may initially seem like it will solve all your business problems, moving from a physical location to an online store has its drawbacks, and these disadvantages can even lead to the end of your established company.


As a result, we need evolving technology and e-commerce for the existence of the market and the simultaneous maintenance of brands, but e-commerce with moderate commission rates will be more appropriate.


Commission rates should be low until a point where profits are made. With the number of customers growing day by day, all of us should always gain. Our recommendation will be a 10% fixed commission rate with all costs included.


To sum up;

E commerce is indispensable. As the main income of brokerage, commission is the most popular business model in the modern market. However, the fact that the commission is not permanent and disturbing will bring success.


Although our companies are keen on e-commerce, they must admit from the outset that they also have disadvantages. When all parties accept that these situations are a problem, we will overcome e-commerce problems and have a say in the global market.


Hayrettin Özaydın


Chairman of TUYAD, Hayrettin Özaydın, visited Turksat General Manager Hasan Hüseyin Ertok to congratulate him and to inform him about the sector.

During the visit held on February 25, 2021, we wished Ertok, who has been successfully serving in Turksat since 2017, for the promotion he deserves, and stated that we can always be together in his work.

The very valuable Turksat will be managed by an in-house trained general manager for the first time. This excites us a lot. We wish it to bring abundance and beauties to our country, all our citizens and the sector.

We presented our gift to our dear general manager on behalf of TUYAD. He also gifted us the painting of the late great scientist Ali Kuşçu, whose space house was opened in Eyüp Sultan and set an example for 50 thousand students.

The visit program ended after the souvenir photo shoot.

TUYAD Association supported women entrepreneurs on March 8, International Women’s Day this year and collaborated with a new initiative, Senrou Jewelery, a silver jewelry design brand.

TUYAD Association realized its first cooperation with Senrou Jewelery at the beginning of the year. Senrou Jewelery, a newly established brand of women entrepreneurs, is a brand that is open and eager to cooperate with all members of our association. In cooperation, TUYAD members will also be provided with a 10% discount on their purchases.

For shopping: https://www.instagram.com/senroujewellery/

As TUYAD Association, we celebrate the Women’s Day of all women.


Title: Next-Gen Broadband APAC: 5G, 10G & Beyond – Day One

Date: Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Time: 10:00 AM Singapore Time

Duration: 3 hours, 30 minutes


ConnecTechAsia, OMDIA and Light Reading Asia are partnering to produce a new, two-part digital event focusing on how Asia-Pacific communications service providers (CSPs) are leveraging such diverse platforms and technologies as HFC, FTTP/FTTB, Fixed Wireless Access, 5G, PON, DOCSIS, Wi-Fi and streaming video to compete in the market.


This symposium will be moderated by Alan Breznick, Cable/Video Practice Leader, Light Reading


Our new member TAIWAN-based Jess-Link products co,. ltd (JPC) Company welcome to TUYAD family. JPC‘s operations in Turkey will lead to new business opportunities in our sector. JPC Company will be represented by Mr. Erdem Eren in Turkey.


Established in 1992, Jess-Link products co,. ltd (JPC) is the company to specialize in the designing and manufacturing of high-speed cabling connectivity and optical transceiver product portfolio covering datacenter & 5G infrastructures. JPC is headquartered in Taiwan with multi-national manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, China, Vietnam and branch offices in California USA, Tokyo Japan, Shenzhen China and Bangkok Thailand. JPC understands the importance of worldwide communication connectivity and strives to expand its presence across the global regions.


Leveraging its core competency in power and artistry are the most important core values of JPC. Working hard from a place of abundance has not only deeply affected our employees, but has also become a code of conduct between us and our customers, partners and suppliers by developing mutual trust while at the same time it has also brought harmony and centric confidence within the company.






The total amount of exports of our members has reached the level of four hundred million USD in 2012. We are the leading  producer of dish antenna   of   Europe . Our annual capacity is more than ten million satellite receiver sets. supports the visual order in the standarts of  use of satellite antennas not only  in our  country but also all over the world and carries out studies in this field . It aims at  making  the models of use of  satellite antenna applied in the modern cities into a visual standart.

Not only  Tv Satellite systems but also IP Tv and Satellite   internet systems are among the leading  subjects of the corporate members of TUYAD  association .  The new generation KA Band Satellite internet systems are offered as an alternative to fiber optic internet systems and are sought for  as such.

Watching TV  and having internet communication through  satellite antennas also supports having  more free and lasting systems. In our  country,  cabled broadcasting and communication of information is not an alternative to satellite antenna in terms of technical capacity and efficiency but only  an alternative offered to the preference of the audience like the land-based digital system.

Television  watching alternatives in our  country are satellite antenna, local antenna, digital platforms and cable Tv

According to the data for the year 2012;

Out of  19 million Tv watching points, the number of satellite antenne subscribers, cable Television subscribers and digital platform members are 12.3, 1.6 and 4.7 million respectively while the remaining audience prefer local antennes.

The majority of the audience prefers satellite antenne as the  figures above show.

The number of buyers of satellite antennas sold in Turkey in 2012 has been 3,816.000 pieces. 1.542.000 of these antennes have been sold  with the purpose of transition to new HD technology .

It is anticipated that the number of digital and/or high- definition  channels transmitted through the satellite shall increase and the  satellite antenna shall be prefered more as soon as Türksat  4A and 4B satellites go live.

Land-based digital/ numerical broadcasting and its future

DVB-T2 broadcasting shall  commence in 2013. Land-based digital DVB –T2 shall be applied through MPEG 4 system . Analogue broadcasting shall be totally closed in 2015 and the land-based  broadcasting shall only  continue digitally.

We are the holder of  success award for exports of Turkey with our 40 corporate members. Many european   countries, Russia and  middle-eastern countries prefer turkish  brands for their quality and logistical   advantage.