“The position gap in the sector is diversifying and the gap is growing. Recruitment has already begun.”


Software Engineer…

Information Security Analyst…

Web Developer…

Data Scientist….

Cloud Expert…

Software Developer…



Our call to young people is to study in engineering.


The direction of our country and the world is clear. Telecommunication, communication and information technologies are the guarantee of our future. I invite our young people with innovative ideas to our sector in order to realize their dreams.


Don’t just be part of a business plan. If you can, establish your own business that you will direct with your ideas. We will always be your supporter.


Everything starts with an idea. We need new ideas for an invention that will make something easier, faster and more economical. These ideas will become reality with software. Start off with brand new and very possible ideas, such as how a robot vacuum can turn into a robot and a life partner in every home.


Our industry needs ten thousand software engineers today, and a hundred thousand software engineers ten years from now. The chances of young people who will work in all positions in informatics and are capable of solving complex problems are very high.


Especially software developers, with the excellent advantage of engineering, make all processes from the simplest to the most complex better and more economical. Every innovation introduced becomes a function of the whole world without recognizing the borders. Every moment of life has been informatics and technology and will continue to do so. You can see this effect even when you look around.


When you start to understand all the job positions that seem complicated to you now, you will realize that it is not so complicated. All innovations always start with needs-oriented dreams by product developers. Not inventing, just developing; to renew the invention. Trust yourself and start your dreams of improving your current social area with all the smart products you already have at hand. Set out from here and see where you will reach.


The world’s top software developers started just by playing games and had no school careers. With the innovation, they offer code components that work in all countries to the convenience of people.


Even hackers made their work legal and settled in anti-hacker positions. There are great business opportunities in our industry. Each of our companies has a software developer position gap and this gap is growing every day.


If you’re still working somewhere and you’re feeling burnt out, your age and education don’t matter. You can only work on this subject if you have the ability.


Even this has been researched. In America, 3% of self-employed people quit their current job and became a software developer. It is predicted that this ratio will continue to increase.


Being a software engineer is a great feeling in many ways, especially during this period. Not only in Turkey, but all over the world, there are many positions that are currently short of workers. You can work from home without changing country. My advice is to do your own business or continue to work in corporate companies where you can be the happiest. Recently, only in our sector, job opportunities are offered to our engineer candidates with reservations from their student years. Even this is very valuable in terms of motivation.


Of course, we also have software developers who changed jobs a lot with complaints from industry employees. The first reason is salary. Foreign exchange profitable business offers are attractive due to the fact that the current currency is melting at any time. The second is the inability to renew the technical infrastructure and the increase in difficulties, the absence of innovative ideas, monotony and most importantly the option to work remotely.


The second most needed area will be information analysts. Processing the data, determining the need, taking precautions. All will be determined by analysts. If there is no analyst, the data has no value. This job, which our companies have begun to realize, will soon become an indispensable position. Every company has to get consultancy on this issue. Otherwise, the need cannot be met and the result of the supply-demand multiplier will not be known.


We must convince our youth to notice innovations in the sector as soon as possible and how valuable their ideas are. NGOs and all public institutions should be the locomotive of the sector in this direction. We hope that the training of IT workers, whose shortage is increasing day by day, will be completed by being supported by schools and vocational trainers.


Our association TUYAD will be happy to give full support to all software developers and candidates who work, have ideas and are motivated. You can contact us to start your own business or to work in a company. Your job is ready. Our experts are waiting for you to help you.


Hayrettin ÖZAYDIN

Chairman of the Board of TUYAD