TUYAD is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded by sector companies. It was established in 2001 in Istanbul by TV platforms, satellite receiver manufacturers, infrastructure material producers and content provider companies with the aim of increasing the total quality in the sector and making the fair competition environment sustainable.


We have world-renowned companies/brands that produce the technology, products and equipment required for satellite TV, Internet, content and service provision.

TUYAD opinions and reports are given importance in the circulars and practices prepared by the regulatory institutions.


We are working in order for our country to reach the pace of development of telecommunication and to get the share it deserves. As TUYAD management and corporate members, we plan and implement the works together with the sector in order to set the right targets for the development of the sector. Our main goal is to present the most economical and applicable systems to the society in the most practical way. Our most important balance is to be able to live in a fair and sustainable competitive environment of the total economy that emerged as a result of the meeting of our electronics industry with content.


Being aware of not only our working life but also our social responsibilities, we implement at least one project every year. In addition, we continue our routine seminars in order to protect the rights of our companies that provide sector service services, to provide regular training and to provide quality service to the end consumer.


We are in communication and interaction with IT NGOs, universities, public institutions, press and international sector representatives. We take part in nearly 40 fairs and conferences all over the world and represent the industry.


As TUYAD, trying to be the common voice of such an important industry, we are happy to represent our industry.