TUYAD Board of Directors Meeting was held on Thursday, June 17th. The decisions taken at the meeting will be implemented by the relevant committees. With a joint decision, TUYAD is against any kind of password sharing and illegal lovers.

Sectoral current situation assessment has been made and support will be given to carry out studies for the best formation of market conditions. In the pandemic, the economic situation of the sector and solutions to the problems that will occur in the future after Covid will be offered.

It has been decided to visit TRT, Ministry of Commerce, General Directorate of Market Surveillance and RTUK with the participation of the determined delegation of Ankara institution visits.

It was decided to establish sanctions to prevent unfair competition among electronic industry companies, which are among the targets of TUYAD, and to support the application of TRT banderol on monitors containing addressed products.

The issue of solving the licensing problem of internet TV broadcasters, OTT and internet television broadcasting, which is on the agenda and doing non-standard work, was discussed. The establishment of the principles for the implementation of the TUYAD Free IP TV application within the framework of legal procedures, instead of illegal servers, has also been on the agenda.

Due to the growing unfair competition conditions between receiver and TV manufacturers, measures will be taken before penal sanctions and sectoral threats. It has been decided to carry out a URGE study in order to realize the reflections of price increases especially in imports and in the transportation sector, and in order for our sector companies to have a say in the international market.

Carrying out studies in order to increase the presence of new generation technology cube satellites and low orbit satellites in our country and supporting foreign investors.

Holding business development meetings after signing a cooperation agreement with TUYAD and QIGA Qatar Businessmen Association.

Calling for a joint work program with TUYAD corporate members and public and legal institutions in line with the decision to gather Turkey’s satellite studies under one roof.

Establishing a project partnership with ASELSAN – HAVELSAN – ROKETSAN – FNSS – TURKSAT – TAI – UZAY AGENCY – TUBITAK UZAY – SSB – TUSAŞ – CTECH – SDT.

We respectfully present it to the information of our entire industry.

Thank you to our participating companies.

Vestel – Profen – Turkcell – TURKSAT – D- Smart – Herz – Digiturk – Irdeto – Global Partner


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