Internet TV, which is among the options of watching television, is more preferred every year.

Our country is the European leader in TV and set-top box production and sales. Every year, 30 million production and sales are made. In particular, EU countries are buying products from Turkey because it provides many advantages

End users have been using the applications already installed on the TV without changing them for many years and they make it a habit. Continuous impression will be provided with TV channels, radio channels and Pay TV platform applications to be installed on devices during production. In order to encourage this impression preference, platforms will broadcast free of charge for a while.

Since televisions and set-top boxes provide double-sided access with remote access, they will be able to perform data transfers and measurements with updating and different applications. In this way, advertisements can be made regionally or individually, and the viewing ratings will be obtained free of charge from a wider audience.

With TUYAD FREE IPTV, ad-free paid TV will be watched, regional advertising and measurement revenues will be obtained and most importantly, domestic content will be able to spread to a wider audience.

The fact that our TV channels are watched by different countries will provide the opportunity to export our channels. The sale of products and services in advertisements will also spread to a wider audience and gain will increase.

Most importantly, illegal watching will decrease and legal viewing options of national channels will be more attractive for people.

With FREE IP TV, it will be more feasible to protect the broadcasting rights of television channels and to prevent illegal. FREE IP TV does not support illegal in any way and is not transferred to third parties or companies with any fee.

FREE IP TV will be used between TV channels and producers who have approved it. A new source of income for the sector and the opportunity to promote our country brands will be more possible with FREE IP TV broadcasting.