Our new member TAIWAN-based Jess-Link products co,. ltd (JPC) Company welcome to TUYAD family. JPC‘s operations in Turkey will lead to new business opportunities in our sector. JPC Company will be represented by Mr. Erdem Eren in Turkey.


Established in 1992, Jess-Link products co,. ltd (JPC) is the company to specialize in the designing and manufacturing of high-speed cabling connectivity and optical transceiver product portfolio covering datacenter & 5G infrastructures. JPC is headquartered in Taiwan with multi-national manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, China, Vietnam and branch offices in California USA, Tokyo Japan, Shenzhen China and Bangkok Thailand. JPC understands the importance of worldwide communication connectivity and strives to expand its presence across the global regions.


Leveraging its core competency in power and artistry are the most important core values of JPC. Working hard from a place of abundance has not only deeply affected our employees, but has also become a code of conduct between us and our customers, partners and suppliers by developing mutual trust while at the same time it has also brought harmony and centric confidence within the company.