TUYAD: Association of Satellite Electronic Communication Business People is provides system and service in satellite and communication area since 2001 in Turkey.


Our association contributes to international quality standards which manufacturing and import of Tv products in Turkey.


We have international brands in our members. Our total export figures around $ 600 million in 2011.


We can export satellite receivers to Europe with zero tax rate for which has Atr documents because of the European Customs Union agreements.


Our country has 14 million pcs satellite receivers manufacturing capacity in year. Our professional R&D and software engineers working on the best product with the best price.


Our new market target North African countries. Most countries that we export in 2011;  Iraq, Nigeria, Tunisia, India, Turkmenistan, Georgia and Romania.


We have around 10.000 pcs worker for satellite receiver and dish manufacturing in our country. We have 50.000 person worker if we add sellers and service firms.


We are working on Terrestrial Tv, IP Tv, Cable Tv to broadcast in HD with our engineers followed by the highest level of technology.



Our target is increasing our market share and making more services with our products of superior quality.


We are proud of working and advising with all firms which want to work with our country about IP, Satellite and Cable Tv. For more information please visit our website www.tuyad.org





Board of Directors




First TV broadcasting in 1952 by Technical University of Istanbul, in VHF-I. TRT begun with TV broadcasting in 1968. The first private TV broadcasting in 1989. 550+ TV channels today we have.




75+ million population. 33% of the population below 15 years. 15 million housholds. 19 million TV consumption sites. TV viewing percentage of the population is 94%. 4.5 hours TV consumption per day.


553 TV and 1120 Radio channels in total area broadcasting in Turkey. 247 TV and 1057 Radio channels Terrestrial, 205 TV and 63 Radio channels over Satellita, 101 TV channels via Cable TV.


TV viewing distribution


– 67.3%    “via satellite dish”

– 29.9%    “via terrestrial antenna”

– 8.9%      “via cable”

– 1.6%      “via digital platforms”


DTH is being preferred due to the higher quantity of alternatives, quality, economy reasons.





In 2011 total Sat Receiver sales figüre in Turkey is 3.816.000.

3.534.000 pcs has been manufactured in Turkey, 282.000 pcs has been imported.





New digital broadcasting technologies will create new demands by TV housholds for various kinds of set-top-boxes in the future.



-Digital Terrestrial ( DVB-T2)



-Cable TV