ASSOCIATION OF SATELLITE                                                                                          ANTENNA ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION                                              BUSINESSPEOPLE IN TURKEY



TUYAD ( The Turkish Association of Satellite  / Antenna and Electronic Communication Business People) is only association that  works for the private and public sector companies and instutions in Turkey in the fields of electronic and communication. This association aims to support the technical coopertion between its members and to approach as national and international. It subscribes to be improved the international quality standards in Turkey by organizing the education seminars, workshops, forums, fairs and symposiums.


As it is well known; as each secto, in also satellite TV sector, the various problems sometimes occurs and requires some studies depending on this problems. We can reflect these studies by means of the Civil Society Establishments that works for his sector.  TUYAD was founded for these proceedings. Your opinions is very important for more active association constution. We are expecting yoru opinions and suggestions for the sectoral analysis, and we need them for the detailed study plan.