TUYAD Board of Directors Meeting NOTES

Date: 10.12.2020 Thursday

Time: 14.00 – 15.30

Location: ZOOM APP

Meeting agenda topics, opinions and decisions;


  1. TUYAD General Assembly announced that the postponement of the general assembly meetings of the associations was announced by adding the clause 2 / c of the law numbered 7244, which authorizes the Minister of Interior.


  1. Our requests from the government about the COVID-19 process and sector problems,


  • The tradesmen who work with limited capital and intensive labor should be protected.
  • Each of our tradesmen are in a difficult situation in rent and dues payments, they should be given non-refundable support,
  • Periodic exemption from the fee applied in fuel and highways and bridge tunnels without SCT,
  • Unfair unrecorded gains and competition due to lack of SSI previous period debts and audits,
  • Providing our colleagues with up-to-date information through distance education,


  1. Continuing negotiations with the relevant institutions regarding our request for tax reduction of TRT audit stamp at the rate of 5% and creating a fair competition environment after the field audit practice,
  2. Continuation of unauthorized use of TKGS and the previous application to Board of Directors companies,
  3. Informing the Ministry of Trade, General Directorate of Market Surveillance, field studies. Law No. 7223 will be put into effect by the Ministry of Commerce on March 12, 2021, AND THE LIABILITIES HAVE CHANGED TO BE AT EVERY STAGE, NOT ONLY THE SELLER, sharing the details with the sector.
  4. Establishing cooperation and joint work on RTUK internet TV and meeting on the stakeholders to be obtained,
  5. 2021 planning approval of TUYAD’s current budget,
  6. Sending information to our members of the Digital Life Magazine so that they can promote the company and technology free of charge. Deadline is 20.12.2020.


Daily topics;


  • Working on the use of TUYAD Free IP TV members under the chairmanship of Turkcell Mr. Barış Zavaroğlu. Supporting first FREE IP TV and later platforms with planning that all platforms and operators will use jointly Organizing the relevant stakeholder meeting on the subject,


Ensuring that TV applications on the Internet such as TV + Ready, BluTV, Puhu TV., D-Smart GO are products as applications by our companies during the production phase and ensuring that all other paid applications can continue to work on the satellite and internet for a period of free subscription,


Initiating the work of making the same work for satellite technology supported by IRDETO, presenting data center support to the sector as technology and infrastructure, including PROFEN, supporting the increase of work on android boxes due to its more practical application,


Supporting studies for not only box and TV, but also for the software to be feasible in our country domestically and nationally, to carry out studies for the support of local national software studies.

The formation of a working group on Internet TV, including TURKSAT Cable TV

  • TKGS test frequency change cannot mean frequency sweep. Although the sector is ready for scanning, the prevailing opinion is that the end user is not ready, it will be expected that HD devices will increase in the field and the sales of SD devices will decrease.
  • The newly established ACUN platform will be operational in 3 months, it is expected to create a movement for the sector. Including the work to be done in the Free IP TV application,
  • Continuation of the support activities to increase the export, the support was reported to our companies as a result of our Ministry of Commerce studies. New studies will also be supported upon request.
  • The fair competition environment of Pay TV platforms and the enforcement of the rules that must be followed by platforms broadcasting abroad will be supported.
  • Conducting field research with survey before these studies that will cover the whole sector and determining the road map accordingly,
  • The fact that service and production are experiencing difficulties in an environment where taxes and fees increase, is to go to the regulation institutions with information and demand in every environment,
  • Determining the problems of our sector companies on-site and with their demands and making solutions to them,
  • Accelerating the fiber infrastructure works in which the need is growing all the time in our country and supporting production agreements with various foreign brands in the domestic market,




  1. The use of the workforce that will be formed by the power combination of all publishers and manufacturers for common benefit,
  2. Notifying the members of AFAD’s cooperation in the work to be done on ‘Earthquake Sensitivity’, which is our 2021 social responsibility project,
  3. 31 degrees TURKSAT 5A latest situation and opinions, it was decided to hold a meeting in TURKSAT Istanbul office with the participation of institutional manufacturers and export companies. The day and participants will be determined.
  4. The data centers are located in Turkey and regulation of transport and infrastructure ministry to find answers in our work and increase of sanctions. Ensuring the competitive environment of the sector companies with a single data center and an appropriate budget. The processing of the concept of a single center supported by satellite tele-port studies, the continuation of the authority for our meetings with the Ministry of Transport Infrastructure on the subject,
  5. Inclusion of cable, camera and service providers by including different sub-sectors in the activities of TUYAD association,
  6. The studies on the protection of personal data and our opinion report on the subject have been effective in the decision of the institution to postpone the sanctions by not restricting the sector. Efforts to prolong this effect will continue. The main mission of TUYAD Association is to provide a fair competition environment for our domestic Pay TV platforms in every field.


With the decisions taken in line with the opinions and suggestions, TUYAD will continue to work with the new management in 2021. We would like to thank our members of the Board of Directors for their support in 2020. In the future, we hope that DIGITURK, IRDETO, GLOBAL PARTNER and HERZ companies will be in the Board of Directors.


The meeting ended with the member applications and reading the incoming documents.


Participating companies


  1. Global Partner: ERDEM EREN
  3. Neta: Derviş GEDİKOĞLU
  5. Turkcell: BARIŞ ZAVAROĞLU
  6. Redline: YILMAZ KORKMAZ
  7. Botech: EROL ARIMAN
  8. Digiturk: MÜCAHİT ŞAHİN
  10. D-Smart: ÖZGÜR GÜLER
  11. Profen: AHMET YÜCETİN
  12. TUYAD: Hayrettin ÖZAYDIN-Buket SEDEF


Attachment: meeting presentation file


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